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Wrath Of Tezca

Wrath Of Tezca

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Categories: Fantasy, Tactical

Platforms: WAX

Devices: Web


Wrath of Tezca, a blockchain-based game that uses wax, has been in development for more than 4 years. Although the original plan was to release the game via steam, players who have played blockchain games themselves decided to pivot the game and make it compatible with NFT’s. You can place your troops using worker placement. These options include passive missions, resource gathering, and active turn-based tactics combat. All of these generate resources that can be used to craft new NFTs or sold on secondary markets. This richly detailed world draws heavily from Mesoamerican cultures, but with an orcish twist. It pits your tribe against invading human beings attempting to seize your lands and wealth. Participants must have at least one NFT character. This will prevent overcrowding. All NFT’s will be using a rarity system. This includes common, rare and epic, as well as legendary versions. All of these will impact the rewards you get for completing passive missions or give you better stats in the turn-based tactics version.

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