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Categories: MMORPG, PVP

Platforms: Ethereum

Devices: Web


Play-to-Earn. Metaverse. Personalization. NFT gaming. Warena has it all Enjoy thrilling action-survival gameplay during two release phases. You will be able to play in PvE or PvP content with highly customized warriors. Warena has a two-phase rollout. Phase 1 will feature a 2D tower defense game in which Humans and Zombies battle it out in a post-apocalyptic hellscape. Phase 2 will introduce a 3D game with a larger METAVERSE. After the victory of the human race over the zombie hoards several hundred years ago, we now find a galaxy inhabited by robots and humans. Unexpectedly, the Big Bang happens and splits the universe into multiple dimensions (the Metaverse). All sentient beings begin to align with different tribes, including fairies, youkai and demons, after the fracture. The New Cosmic Era is a new era in which trade, peace, and war take on a whole new dimension.


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