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Categories: Minigame

Platforms: VeChain

Devices: Windows


VulcanVerse, a 3D blockchain virtual world composed of unique pieces made of smart land, is decentralized and led by a blockchain. Explore a world entirely created by the community. Explore the world and interact with other players through games, events, puzzles and puzzles. The Vulcanverse’s decentralized ideology is what keeps it evolving and growing. Each piece of land has a blockchain owner. Trade or buy land to find the perfect spot in Vulcanverse. You can rank up your land using the Vulcanverseā€™s unique tiered land ownership system, and then you can sell it on the market. Use the Vulcanverse drag and drop sandbox editor to create endless variations. Upload 3D assets to IPFS to take your creativity to new heights. To make your land stand out, integrate NFT artwork, buildings and pets.


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