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Categories: Collectible

Platforms: Ethereum

Devices: Web


VOX Gala Labs’ adorable new series of collectibles. Trade, trade, and earn with your NFT character. Each has their own personality, job, and look. Each VOX is a unique ERC721, each with its own provably randomised traits that are true to their character. Only 8,888 characters will ever be part of the inaugural series. A VOX can be purchased by anyone for 0.0888ETH. When 50% of VOX has been sold, rarities will be made public. You will receive the FBX file when you purchase a VOX. This allows you to animate them and use them in the metaverse. You can stake GALA, and by playing with your VOX you earn VOXcoin. How rare they are, and how many you play will directly affect the amount. TOTALLY RANDOM Each VOX begins with the selection and iteration of a class. To ensure that the data is unique, it is compared with all existing VOX.

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