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The Three Kingdoms (TTK)

The Three Kingdoms (TTK)

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Categories: Adventure, DeFi, Strategy

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Web


An NFT Game of the Third Generation that focuses on the three Kingdoms storyline, which was the result of the historic land division into Shu, Wei and Wu. TTK’s story is set in the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty 220AD, when the Yellow Turban Rebellion brokeout with cities and regions creating their own alliances for survival. Under the pretense of protecting the young Emperor, Warlord Dong Zhuo took control of the capital. Cao Cao had slowly taken control of North territories and led the central government. However, clans were already keen to take over China. China fell into civil war, and China was soon divided into three spheres: Cao Cao in the North, Sun Quan in the South, and Liu Bei in the West. These three men fought for China’s conquest for sixty years. This is the beginning of the story. TTK aims to offer a gaming platform that offers multiple ways for players to make money while providing a fun gaming experience. This will help us achieve our long-term goal of player engagement.


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