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The Six Dragons

The Six Dragons

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Categories: MMORPG, RPG

Platforms: Enjin

Devices: Playstation


The Six Dragons is an open-world fantasy RPG that features a lot of great features. It was inspired by some of the most famous titles from the past 20 years. It features a vibrant 64-km2-long world that offers endless adventures and epic battles. You can do whatever you like. You can explore endless lands and farm valuable materials. Craft more than 300 items, trade with other players, and increase your arsenal by using powerful enchants. This game is unique because almost all the items are decentralised using innovative blockchain technology. Players can trade their game assets with other players and sell them for real value. They can also use them across multiple game universes. Six Dragons envisions a game in which players are the main protagonists. They can shape the game and also get value from their accomplishments. We’re creating a gaming environment for many players. Our goal is to let the community take on different roles and run a player-owned, decentralized economy.


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