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TCG World

TCG World

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TCG World, a blockchain-based open-world game, is the most popular. Players can earn TCGCoin 2.0 and collect NFT collectibles. They can also own virtual real property, create, explore, and manage their online businesses. TCG World is a revolutionary approach to NFTs. Players can now take their NFTs into virtual worlds and use them as a tool for play. Every item a player has in the metaverse can be considered an NFT. This includes real estate, pets, trophies and even avatars. TCG World will host live tournaments of collectible cards at the TCG World stadium as part of the entertainment. TCG World is home to many different types of artificial intelligence-powered creatures. Evolution level is one of these characteristics. As a rule, wild creatures have the first level. Once captured, creatures can be tamed and relocated to the plot land of the player. Players will have the ability to trade, evolve and train their creatures. Players will be able fight against their creatures in small arenas scattered across the map and at the main TCG Arena. TCG World’s native currency is TCGCoin 2. Cross-chain transfer is available with TCGCoin 2.0. This allows users to move tokens between smart contract on different blockchains using a simple TCG finance ecosystem cross chain exchange. The exchange can be done through the main wallets on the TCG project’s different chains at a rate 1 token per blockchain into 1 token each on the other blockchain. TCG World is a virtual world that will live and breathe. It will feature real people and real activities. TCG World will have its own story, which will develop as players spend more time in it.

TCG Coin 2.0 is the foundation of two online economies that bring Binance gambling and collectibles and sales chains. TCG Trading Platform is a market for collectible card buyers and sellers and sports, including Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic The Gathering and more. TCG World is an online gaming metavers where players can play to win the TCG currency, as well as to search for NFT collectibles, invest in virtual real estate, build, explore or start their own online business. For entertainment, TCG World will also host live collectible card games tournaments at metavers where players and spectators will gather at the spectacular TCG World Stadium. Both economies operate with TCG currencies, which stimulates the demand for tokens in a wide range of physical and virtual transactions. The trading platform will use smart contracts to protect buyers and sellers and keep their funds until the goods are received and verified. The platform will also offer vendors an electronic filing service or access to a filing partner who will act as a trusted broker to ensure the condition and authenticity of collectibles. TCG Trading Platform and TCG World not only share the token, but will also be integrated for the purchase and sale of real-world collectibles as well as virtual-world NFTs.


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