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Space Heroes

Space Heroes

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Categories: Mining, RPG

Platforms: WAX

Devices: Android


What are Space Heroes? LORE: Space Heroes, a futuristic blockchain-based game, is inspired by many stories about the end of the universe. This story is about a group astronauts who are the best in the world and go on a search for planets that can support them. They also need to find resources to save humanity from the imminent end of the planet Earth due to overexploitation and ecosystemic collapse. You will be able execute many activities in this metaverse, which will give you valuable goods called NFTs. These goods can have many uses and types, but they always make passive and active profit for the players. Space Heroes is a Play-To-Earn-game managed by the community as well as the creators. We want to create a win-win business model. Our original concept was to give the community the opportunity to make more with less. This strategy is called Airdrops. It allows the community to take more immediate, short- and long-term advantages, with fewer risk since it doesn’t make investments. A large portion of our drops are completely free. It is called Community-Market Maker. People set the prices for our NFTs based on their use and other facts. Investors also have benefits such as monthly drops. If you love to play, you can find a whole metaverse that allows you to complete tasks and earn rewards by owning Hangar, Laboratory, and other assets.

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