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Soldiers Land

Soldiers Land

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Categories: Action, RPG, Shooter

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Web


What is SoldiersLand? SoldiersLand is the original real-utility NFT gaming experience. You can create your own soldier, equip it, and use your NFT assets to make it stronger. How do I join SoldiersLand SoldiersLand will not use a central system to store gamer and player information. Instead, all information will be stored on a blockchain that the Binance network. This means that no one, including the game owners, can alter anything and no one can cheat. To start this game, you will need a soldier. You can either purchase a soldier from the market or create your own soldier. The soldier’s name, gender and level can all be chosen by the user. Custom soldiers can only choose from one to five levels. To buy NFT soldiers you will need to pay SLD tokens. These tokens can be purchased from your panel. What is marketPlace? The marketplace is one of the most important aspects of this game. Every user has the ability to sell his soldier at any price at any time. All these soldiers can be viewed in one location, so users who choose to purchase their soldier through the marketplace will find their soldier among them. It is best to price the soldier according to his background and details. Buyers will also review your soldier’s details and decide if they are worth the purchase. This is a crucial point that must be taken into consideration when managing a soldier and its attacks or defending with it.


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