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SecondLive is a 3D virtual world that allows you to be the avatar you want and perform many real-life tasks in virtual spaces, such as shopping, singing, dancing and business management. The SecondLive Avatar allows you to create your own content and make a profit. SecondLive will have four major modules. You can create your own avatar by using Avatar Editor. Multiple virtual spaces: Once the virtual characters have been created, they can be transferred into the lobby, games and concerts, workshops, shopping center, or other spaces. SecondLive marketplace: Anyone who has a third-party asset digitally can trade it through the SecondLive Market. Scenario editor can produce content directly without the use of codes, according to the interactions, modules and gameplays. Some gamification configurations are easily and automatically deployed online. You can configure the richness of your gameplay without writing code. Features of SecondLive 1. Persistence: SecondLive’s virtual spaces can be maintained for ever. 2. SecondLive: SecondLive is synchronizing with the real-world in real time. It has all the features of the real-world. 3. Compatibility: SecondLive is open to all sizes of people and items. Anyone can access the space. 4. SecondLive’s economic characteristics: SecondLive offers a fully functioning economic system that supports transactions, payments and income from labor. 5. Connectivity: Each virtual world can be used to connect with other SecondLive users, including objects, social relations and digital assets. 6. Creativity: Any user can create content for SecondLive.

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