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Categories: Card, Collectible, PVP

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Web


RisingSun’s trade, collect and game-focused ecosystem is powered by Samurai battle cards NFTs. SamuraiRising is a new trading card game that requires players to have a deck of five cards in order to play. The proceeds of the sale of cards are used to fund the game’s play-to-earn mechanics. Each battle card is unique, and each one is different in terms of rarity and strength. This makes some cards more attractive than others for traders, collectors, and players alike. There are two types: Shogun and Samurai battle cards. A shogun was an important military leader and figure in ancient Japan. The original generation of 5000 NFT Shogun battle cards can be purchased with $RSUN tokens via the SamuraiRising DApp. Every shogun samurai can recruit new samurai, making them highly desirable. Shogun samurai cards holders also receive an average 1.5% of all $RSUN transactions reflected into $BUSD. This adds value. SamuraiRising DApp allows users to connect their BSC wallets, and view, trade, and battle NFTs. The Shogun and Samurai battle cards have stats and features that directly affect the game. Each card is given a unique name and a visual representation. The scarcity of its attributes determines the value of a samurai cards.

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