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Samurai Doge

Samurai Doge

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Categories: Collectible

Platforms: Ethereum

Devices: Web


Samurai Doge, a movement that consists of 10,000 animated NFTs on Ethereum Blockchain, is called the Samurai Doge. You can earn the mark of the warrior by owning one of our NFTs. Register for the Army In the upcoming “Samurai Doge – Battlefield” game, your Samurai Doge doubles as your unique character. To join the game, each player must have at least one Samurai doge. You will be fighting for glory and rewards. Every Samurai doge is unique You can own a unique NFT character (mp4) as well as a high-resolution image that was created by some of the best artists in the world. Every Samurai Doge is unique, each one displaying a unique emotion, gender, facial attributes and elements. Find the hidden traits. #HONOR Tokens Free of Charge Every Samurai Doge has the right to receive $HONOR airdrops, exclusive to NFT owners. The Next Generation of Breeders Each wallet address that has a pair Samurai Doge can breed more doges to complete their army. Claim a 3D Samurai Doge Anyone who has a pair of genesis Samurai Doge can claim 1 3D Samurai Doge upon release. Regenerate new NFT Connect to your wallet to select the Samurai that you want to create a new piece of art using our AI technology.

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