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Categories: Building, Collectible

Platforms: Polygon

Devices: Web


Collect. Build. Destroy.
Players collect robots (rampers). Improve your Rampager by adding weapons, armor, driving
skills and other elements, having each piece of your Rampager as the collection property.

The goal is to build the best fucking robot you can put together. Once ready, there is no more work
together to bring peace to the universe and build a community of harmony.

The time has come for you to find your opponents and destroy them!
Robo Rampage consists of two components: a strategic combat game and a collectible game.

Tangles challenge random opponents or a specific user, seeking to defeat them and possess one
piece of your enemy fallen forever. But be careful; losing a battle can mean losing a piece of
your Rampager. And what is gone has disappeared forever.

If an opponent is not enough, throw your hat in the ring against nine other competitors in one
Robo Royale, winner to go.

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