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Project Quantum

Project Quantum

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Categories: MMO, Shooter

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Playstation


Project Quantum will bring AAA gaming into 21st century with its unique IP powered with Unreal 5 and cryptocurrency as the economic engine. Our unique model allows players to experience open world exploration, high stakes PVP/VE combat, and unrivalled character customization, while still being able earn and win. Humanity is on the verge of space travel, making quantum leaps in the universe and establishing the first colony on a distant planet. Collectively, mankind is waiting with bated breath to discover the secret to their survival. The star ships stop responding to long-awaited questions. An essential supply-laden vessel of city size abandons its original mission to remain safely in orbit and lead the rescue mission. It must determine the fate of its sister vessels. It breaks the atmosphere and its systems become disabled. Then it crashes land on the planet, marooning itself there. They are welcomed by the scarred remains from a great conflict and it is obvious that humanity has fallen to whomever they were fighting. Project Quantum is an open-world looter shooter that allows players to explore maps and find valuable technology. You can play in solo or with a group, and survive dangerous terrain in either PVE or high-stakes instanced PVP. You can hunt, loot and steal, mine, or craft your way to victory. All resources are precious and available for your use. You have the option to either work together in the hope of glory, or to fight for all the spoils. Treasure hunting to the end Get loot – Get Out – Get Paid

Binance Coin is the cryptocurrency of the platform Binance . It is an exclusive trading platform for cryptocurrencies. The name “Binance” is a combination of binary and finance.

Therefore, the startup name shows that you can only exchange cryptographic money with each other. It is not possible to exchange cryptocurrencies for Fiat. The platform has been very successful in a very short time and is focusing on the Malta-based world market. The cryptocurrency currently has a daily trading volume of $ 1.5 billion to $ 2 billion and continues to rise.

In total, there will only be 200 million BNB. Binance uses ERC20 token standard of Ethereum and distributed it as follows: 50% sold in ICO, 40% to equipment and 0. The piece can be used to pay fees at the crossing. These include business costs, transaction fees, quote rates, and others. Binance offers you a great discount when rates are paid on BNB

The scale of discounts on BNB costs is as follows: during the first year, 50% reduction in all costs, second year 25% reduction, third year 12.5% reduction, fourth year 6.75% reduction, and from the fifth year there is no discount. This structure is used to encourage users to buy BNB and transact within Binance.

Binance announced in a purchase plan that it would buy up to 100 million BNB at T1 2018. The parts burn. This means that they are devalued to increase the value of the remaining parts. This benefits investors. In the future, the cryptocurrency will continue to be an asset on the trading platform and will be used as gas.

Other tokens issued by exchanges include Bibox Token , OKB .

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