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Categories: Breeding, Collectible, PVP

Platforms: Polygon

Devices: Web


Playermon is an endless NFT Game that anyone can play with their favorite Playermons. With their playermons, players can colonize new planets, gain resources, and fight other players. Through breeding or buying eggs, players can acquire/breed playermon. Playermon is different from traditional games in that Blockchain economic design is used for rewarding our players for their contributions. This new gaming model has been called “play to win”. You can make a lot of money as a player by: – Participating in PVP battles to earn leaderboard prizes – Breeding and selling pets on the market. – Collecting and speculating about rare playermon – Colonial building space – Farming to obtain the gems needed to breed mon. These can be traded on exchanges like Binance and Uniswap.


Official Website.

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