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Pirates of the Arrland

Pirates of the Arrland

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Categories: Collectible, PVP

Platforms: Ethereum

Devices: Web


The project will start with 10 000 NFT Pirates randomly generated from more than 200 traits. These Pirates will be part of a genesis group of men pirates. Later, 10 000 NFT will be available for genesis women pirates. These pirates will be unique. Pirates owners will eventually receive governance tokens as well as the ability to generate $RUM tokens for free. The NFT male and female Pirate owners will also be able breed new, younger ones. To complete this process, you will need a $RUM token. We’ll introduce new generations depending on the market demand and popularity of the Pirates of the Arrland video game. The devil is in details. Because your NFT Pirate’s traits will have an impact on the character parameters in-game, they are important. Is your speed a factor in whether you are a fast-runner or a slow-runner? You can find out by looking at your NFT Pirate. Your skinny Pirate will have 90% HP but 110 agility instead of 100. It works both ways. Plus-sized Pirates will have less agility (90%), but more HP. It isn’t just about agility and health, as we all know. The game will also be influenced by other Pirates’ traits. Many traits will be available, including but not limited to armor, range, sight, strength or defense.


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