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Paladin Pandas

Paladin Pandas

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Categories: Collectible, RPG

Platforms: Ethereum

Devices: Web


The Old Gods had completely bamboozed the Pandas long, long ago. Their home planet was destroyed and their most precious resources, Bambooniums, were taken from them. The Panda Elders gave the task of reclaiming all Bambooniums to the Panda Warriors, who were the most elite Panda warriors. The Paladin Pandas are space scavenging, mining and raid boss farming in search of that sweet green stuff. Now, Paladin Pandas assemble! FIGHT! FIGHT! PALADIN PANDAS SPACE EXPEDITION Space Expedition is a roguelike game that falls under the umbrella of role-playing games. Each adventure will travel on a randomly chosen map to defeat evil invaders. Remember to collect the trophies every time you defeat enemies! You can win the most sought-after NFTs if you beat a level! Paladin Pandas can choose from 6 classes: Main Tank (commando), Sniper (commando), Engineer, Medic, or CyberBard). Each class is unique in its skills and characteristics.

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