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Open Era

Open Era

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Categories: Adventure, DeFi, MMORPG

Platforms: Solana

Devices: Web


Dawn of a New Era OpenEra is an MMORPG that uses the Solana blockchain. It is powered by Serum. It was inspired by classics such as RuneScape, and modern MMOs such as Albion Online. OpenEra allows you to discover your destiny and take part in an evolving timeline. As a community, we travel through time and space together. OpenEra’s mission is to create a virtual world where people can live, work and play. You’ll be able not only to create unique items from complex biomes but also your own stories. Not only will you be able forge unique weapons out of verifiably rare ore but also to forge new friendships, relationships, and possibly even mutually binding agreements. OpenEra is more than a game. It’s a world that you can control and transform to a new age.

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