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Northern Guilds

Northern Guilds

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Categories: Action, Dungeon, MMORPG

Platforms: Ethereum

Devices: Linux


Northern Guilds is an MMO at its core. The vast, unforgiving lands that make up Midgard, Asgard, and Jottunheim will be explored by players. To win in an unwinnable battle, each player will need to complete quests, pillage ruins and outsmart their enemies. For rare loot, players can team up to fight monsters in caves, dungeons, or boss arenas. These raids can be planned by players. They can be carried out by raiding parties or one brave, but very foolish, warrior. Our goal is to offer a unique experience for all players as they travel through Midgard. This world was there long before you and the ecosystems, flora and fauna reflect that. You are a tiny part of the world’s grand scheme. Midgard is an enormous place that players can settle their camps in and gradually transform them into villages, with their own traders and inns. These settlements can be costly to construct and take a lot of energy, luck, and time to successfully run. Late game players have the chance to showcase their power and build their own empire. Our goal is for our players to have endless opportunities to have fun and to advance their stories. Players can hunt, fish, and gather the resources they need to support their financial lives when they are on their own. As an alternative to boosting their bankrolls, battle-hardened players may also be able to fight in underground rings and place bets on fights. We want to tell a story with Northern Guilds and allow players to create their own stories in any creative, imaginative, and innovative way that they like. It doesn’t matter if it is solo or with friends; the story of Northern Guilds will be remembered for many millennia.

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