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Categories: DeFi, PVP

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Windows


MyMasterWar is a gaming platform that uses blockchain technology. It also offers the Free Play to Earn model and Profit Sharing. MyMasterWar is not like other NFT Games. Players do not need to spend money to play. The plot revolves around this: People desire power and the ability to change the world and the universe. Humans need to have the ability to think and act in a way that is evolutionary. Scientists are the best at discovering, searching for, and refining the most elite genes in history. They cross time and space to create real battles to improve, evolve and hybridize. The Middle Ages will host the first set of MyMasterWar Games. Multiplatform and multi-device support is available for the game system: Android, IOS, Webgame (PC, tablet, mobile phone), Android, IOS. The second part will be set in a future where people cross time and space to build their own Virtual Metaverse Empires. The game will not require players to use their mobile phones or laptops to play. Instead, they will be able to enter a 3D virtual realm and transform into gods that have unlimited strength and the ability to conquer new worlds. Players and the game universe: Each player can create their own scenario. They can also choose generals, build armies or devise strategies to fight wars. You can make a lot of money as a player by: – Token MAT stake Invite other people to join you in the game – Win challenges by playing the game – Selling and breeding them on the market – Collecting rare items and speculation – You can sell the NFT token on the marketplace NFT Marketplace and Payment: Users can sell or buy NFT assets.


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