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Categories: Board, Collectible, PVP

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Windows


Crypto Moonpoly First NFT-economical, strategic online-3d-board board game for 2-6 players The objective of the game is for players to rationally invest in crypto. The player with the highest start-up capital will win. To decide how many steps players will take with the NFT figure, players must throw crypto dice. A player takes a turn walking. The Player throws a die to determine how many steps the player must take on the playing fields during that turn. Each step corresponds with one point on the dice and one square on a playing field. If the game mod allows six players, each player must invest 5% CMP tokens (game currency) to start or join a new game. Each player must invest 15% of the pool if the game mod is for two players. Crypto Moonpoly allows users to build their own online-board deck with new rules and cards.


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