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Mining Tycoon

Mining Tycoon

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Categories: DeFi, Mining, Simulation

Platforms: Other

Devices: Web


Virtual mining game with DeFi + NFT. Free access to their virtual mining machines and mining farm. They can also get NEXTYPE’s token NT through stake mining in various mining pools. Smart contracts are transparent and open to all stakeholders and outputs. For higher gains and hashing power, regular maintenance and upgrades are required for the mining machine and mining farms. The mining pools can produce gold, NFTs or souvenirs. NFTs, which are BUFF items with real value in the game, can be used by players or resold to other players. Gamers can obtain the NX-L type miner permit to join the BTC pool. This allows them to be rewarded with an incredible amount of BTC rewards. Cooperative mining pool: This is the first channel to distribute tokens for projects that cooperate with Mining Tycoon. Project initiators can use the data to identify potential high-value users of blockchain. Additionally, tokens earned in the game can be freely withdrawn to a player’s trading platform or wallet.


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