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Metaverse Miner

Metaverse Miner

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Categories: Collectible, Mining

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Web


HOW TO PLAY Step 1: Become a Star Master/Star Lord You can become a Star master by purchasing the entire planet’s territory. You will receive a number of Miner NFT from the planet. Meanwhile, the Planet NFT will continue to generate Miner NFT. Only the Miner NFT is eligible to participate in $META mining. Auctions will be started in the Metaverse Alliance. The number of Planet NFT is very limited so users who are able to auction NFT first will have the best chance to get into the field. Star Lord: You can’t sell the Planet NFT. The Miner NFT can only be obtained from the Planet NFT. Step 2: Sell or Buy the Miner NFT Miner NFT can be described as buying mining rigs before we can mine. Miner NFT will be produced by Planet NFT. Users can use USDT to purchase Miner NFT blind box. They’ll randomly receive different Miner NFT. Miner NFTs on Planet NFT can only be used in planet mining. Star Master must maintain a relationship with Star Lord or they will take Miner NFT’s “leave”. Step 3: Deposit USDT in order to purchase “Energy Value” To mine NFT miners, you need to increase your “energy value”, that is, to purchase USDT (equivalent of the electricity used to power the mining machines). Before mining, users must top up their “energy value”. When “energy value is low, it will prompt users to replenish it. Step 4: Take the Miner NFT to Collect Energies Once the user stakes the miner NFT on the planet, the terminal control will be placed on that planet to continue to obtain $META. The Star Master (Planet owner), can own 5% of $META that is mined by the Miner NFT owned by players, and 95% by Miner NFT owners. Additional: Rent the Star Master’s Mining Area for Earnings


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