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Categories: Collectible

Platforms: Ethereum

Devices: Web


Programatically generated, great NFTs and great responsibility. WELCOME TO GUARDIANS of THE METAVERSE Guardians of the Metaverse is a group of 10,000 unique avatars that look like heroes and live as NFTs on the Blockchain. This collection includes 5,000 males as well as 5,000 females, ready to protect the whole universe! As a Guardian, it is your duty to preserve the balance. Join the Guardians to prove your worth! Programmatically, Guardians were created from 320 attributes in 12 categories that are adapted to male and female types. This creates an incredible combination of epicness and pure genius! ERC721 tokens are used to store Guardians on the Ethereum Blockchain. Guardian owners can download them in.png format. They can also request a high-resolution image. 3D models are coming soon. The Guardian NFT is a character that can be owned by anyone. Not only are Guardians dope designed character-collectibles, they also serve as your ticket to a world of exclusive content. We have a lot of cool features in the pipeline, from new collections to fill our universe to metaverse avatars.

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