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Meme Lordz

Meme Lordz

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Categories: PVP, RPG

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Web


Meme Lordz, a blockchain-powered game powered by BSC network, is coming soon. This top-down RPG uses blockchain technology to immortalize each Meme Lord as Non-Fungible Token. You will be able to battle, bind, and collect while you travel through a mysterious land powered solely by the collective thought-forms that make up humanity. NFT Minting for Rare Meme Lordz You can travel the world fighting and binding lost Memelorz. You can immortalize your Meme Lordz at Meme Stream, where you will have the ability to initiate metamask transactions as well as mint unique Meme Lordz NF’s. The dangerous journey back to the Meme Stream is treacherous and full of danger. The world scans user wallets upon entry. This allows you to only fight Meme Lordz that have been captured and minted into NFTs. Unique character trees allow you to evolve your Lordz You will be amazed at the transformations of your Meme Lordz through complex character trees. Try out strange items, locations in-game and hilarious situations that can affect the progress of your lord. System of Specialized Combat Affinity 14 affinities make up the Meme Lordz Affinity System. These affinities can be used to deal damage multipliers and square off in certain match-ups. A Meme Lord may only have two affinities. These determine which moves a Meme Lady can learn and bring into battle. Each affinity focuses on a specific area of combat and is usually weighted towards Attacking, Buffing Debuffing or Healing. Here are four powerful affinities. Strategic and dynamic battle system Turn-based battle system that allows inactive Memelorz to attack, heal, and buff your main Lord as it fights. The Meme Lordz gameplay is incredibly rewarding and requires deep strategy. Open world multiplayer map. Explore the mysterious realm where collective thought forms of humanity manifest in ghostly forms.

Meme Lordz is an upcoming blockchain game powered by the BSC network. A descending role-playing game that uses blockchain technology to immortalize each Lord of Meme as a non-expendable Token. Fight, tie and collect as you travel through a mysterious land driven by humanity’s collective ways of thinking.


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