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Categories: Action, Arcade, Fighting

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Web


Maticverse, a digital NFT universe inspired by superheroes, allows players to use their NFTs in different games. Maticverse Universe is a play-to-earn game that highlights the advantages of blockchain technology and the path to financial freedom via passive income.

Maticverse is a BSc between chains and a Polygon token. Maticverse offers a series of PlayToEarn combat games combined with unique functional NFTs.

Proven Tokenomics and a goal to be the first launch pad and the market.

We believe that utility and transparency are crucial and we always seek to improve and introduce new functionalities and exciting things in the DeFi, Gaming and money space as a whole.


Contracts MaticVerse

Official Website.

MaticVerse PRICE (mverse) (dollars)

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