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Lime Odyssey M

Lime Odyssey M

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Categories: Adventure, Fantasy, RPG

Platforms: Binance

Devices: IOS


The beginning of a star, which is now forgotten.
When the glorious fruit sustains the world, under the glow of fruit, all the earth was fertile and the human was happy.

However, there is darkness exposed to the shade of the fruit, the fruit fell to the ground and the country of the goddess was divided into 4 parts. The evil that has infiltrated the cracks of the continent remains long in Nisis.

Little by little, the age of glory with the goddess was forgotten by human memory ..

A thousand years later, one night, the pillars of light divide the thick clouds and reach the end of the sky. Fruit containing the glory of the goddess in the memory of silence like mist, people appeared who remember the name of Lime.


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