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Legends of Bezogia

Legends of Bezogia

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Categories: Adventure, Collectible, MMORPG

Platforms: Ethereum

Devices: Web


Bezogis might look adorable from the outside but they are actually fearsome warriors who pillage Bezogia for mythical weapons blocks and more Bezogi. You can build your Bezogi collection, mint mythical legendary weapons and pillage materials all with cutting-edge Blockchain technology. ITEM MINTING You can make mythical weapons and other items in the lands around Bezogia directly from your blocks. You can use your blocks to create legendary weapons and other items, such as the Green Candle. This rock-solid sword is strong enough to crack at least ten skulls. It’s often used to light the path while hunting down foes deep in caves. Perhaps the famous Gas Mask that Freezogi created, a bio-enhancing Gas Mask. It is a crudely engineered, bio-enhancing Gas Mask. This mask melds with the face and attaches horribly to the teeth. When activated, it releases a steady stream of intoxicating gases. This dreadful mask, when seen in the darkness, sends shivers down all those around it, giving Bezogi an instant boost in strength and stamina. You can collect magical blocks from the lands of Bezogia to create your own collection mythical NFT items. SUMMONING You can mix and match Bezogi to summon unique and powerful Bezogi. You can either hoard your Bezogi as the Fud King of Bezogia or you can start your own summoning company and sell your summoned Bezogi on Bull Market. Each Bezogi is unique, with each one having a different skill boost. The Bezogi’s breed and DNA are directly derived from the two summoners. The purer the blood, the better the chances of getting rare, epic, or purebred Bezogi.

“The Legends of Bezogia, the land where everything always rises, is a sandbox-style game in an open world where players can summon their own Bezogi characters from a large selection of different races by lying to NFT in the game, which generate Bezogi at random. Each unique in his own styles and game traditions, Bezogi fights, creates and explores the epic lands of Bezogia.

Legends of Bezogia from Beze Earth is the most comprehensive game world where players can interact with the game in many ways without having to have money to cry. The Legends of Bezogia gives the player the power to fully control his character’s destiny in a game that is really fun to play.

Bezogie’s legends are full of fun crypto memes that exist throughout the bezogie. Some of these memes include; Doge, Shib, FEG, Dogelon and more. The game world is also full of Crypto themed environments, such as the city of Bullish, the mountain market, and the triple-height bear. The game will also feature historical cryptographic monuments such as Whalon Musk, the Vitalik statue, and Pizza Day.

Bezogia Legends aims to be the gateway for newcomers to crypto space without high entry barriers and to have a good time doing so. The cryptocurrency industry is a really complicated place to get involved. The game will provide players with a fun environment to learn and earn money in crypto in a community setting where community players can participate in the game to become a large and dynamic community.”


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