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Categories: Card, Collectible, Fighting

Platforms: WAX

Devices: Web


KOGs can be collected and played as non-fungible tokens. What is an NFT? Non-fungible tokens can be described as digital assets that are not fungible and are registered on an immutable blockchain. The best part is that no two NFTs will be exactly the same. Once we have minted a series, that’s all there is to it. Once a series of KOGs has been mint, it’s impossible to change the content or mintage figures. KOGs-powered games have surpassed the limits of blockchain’s capabilities. While NFTs can be beautiful to look at, most KOGs are ready to play. KOGs can be traded, collected, or sold. You can also play against other gamers online in tournaments. These digital collectibles can be used as game pieces when the game launches. KOGs can also be used within the RFOX Games ecosystem for unlocking special features and functions.

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