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The largest social network based on avatars. Shared experiences can build stronger friendships and creativity. All relationships are important. Create Your Own Magic Virtual reality is all around us. You feel real. IMVU hosts 7+ million monthly visitors. They spend 55 minutes a day customizing avatars, shopping, chatting with friends and sharing experiences. Create an avatar. Fly with a friend. Get together with your best friends. You can start with an infinitely configurable avatar. You can then be whatever avatar you wish to be. The avatars dress up, meet up, make up, break down, and laugh at the same jokes. They also share the feelings of building friendships. You are just a click away from a new world. IMVU is the only platform that allows users to dive into a 3D social networking and start chatting with their friends from anywhere they are. That’s exactly what 7,000,000 of them do every month. IMVU users, from Tennessee to Tel Aviv are connected and switched on across iOS and Android smartphones and tablets as well as PCs.


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