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Categories: Mining, MMORPG

Platforms: WAX

Devices: Web

Description allows you to completely immerse yourself in a 3D multiverse. Immersys can be played on both Windows PCs and in Virtual Reality (Disabled currently). Immersys allows players to experience a world in which digital ownership of non-fungible tokens can be rewarded with in-game utility. This utility includes NFTs that can be used to login to accounts, ticketing, admission to restricted areas, cosmetic items, and applications on the Immersys Virtual Interface. Immersys is a platform that aims to add value to collectors, creators, as well as the whole WAX ecosystem. This allows collectible NFTs such as art, music, or videos to be displayed and interactive. Our Immersys Virtual Interface is the heart of the Immersys multiverse. The Immersys Virtual Interface includes a complete suite of stock virtual apps. Immersys also has an app store called Apps. This includes paid and free vApps that require NFT ownership to be used. These vApps allow players to interact with Immersys’s world, other players and NFTs as well as Fungible Tokens (FT). Our approach to creating the digital world is to combine NFT items on the WAX blockchain and our FATE token with the utility they receive via the Immersys virtual environment. The digital world in which players can play, earn and own. Immersys should be an online multiplayer game. We don’t want to limit ourselves to one type of game. Players will be able to earn through various activities in the Immersys multiverse. We are creating a world that is big!

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