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Categories: Card, Collectible, Racing

Platforms: Ethereum

Devices: Web


Blockchain-based play-to-earn Car Game with amazing Voxelized Cars. The introduction of the Racing Game, and subsequent development of the game, has led to a whole new game economy. There are many great ideas for a decentralized economy. We can have our own currency, custom garages, and land owned by players. This will allow us to generate great revenue opportunities. “The Racing Game” is a Strategy Card Game that includes some TCG elements. It will provide a challenging yet fun experience for all players. 1- You must have a Hash Garage NFT car in your linked wallet to be able to play. 2- Make an “AI Moduls” Deck with your collection of “AI Modules Cards (Optional but highly recommended). 3- Choose the race you wish to take part from the available ones (It will indicate the track but the current conditions may surprise) and pay the entry fees if necessary. 4- The Race begins, you can play your best strategy to see who wins!

Contracts HashGarage

Official Website.

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