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Griffin Land

Griffin Land

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Categories: Art, Collectible, PVP

Platforms: Binance

Devices: IOS


There were large creatures long ago in certain parts of the world. They were feared and encouraged humanity. Many religious cults referred to them. They were used to symbolize power and wisdom, wealth and abundance, and the sign of evil and darkness. These mythical figures have been used as symbols for belief systems all over the globe. One figure could be the symbol for a disease in one area, but another symbol might represent power and cure in another. These creatures were fought by legendary warriors. Some creatures were eventually tamed while others remained rebellious. It’s too late to control them. They can only be destroyed by this method. This story will see some warriors die, while others will become the lords over these creatures.

Perfect NFT market that builds a bridge between mythology and the future. Driven by a strong and deflationary token.

Contracts Griffin Land

Official Website.

Griffin Art PRICE (gart) (dollars)

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