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Categories: Collectible, RPG

Platforms: Solana

Devices: Web


Genopets are your NFT spirit animals, encoded with your personal data and fitness data. To guide your Genopet’s destiny, stay active and unleash your full potential, use health wearables. As you evolve–it evolves. A TRUE ROLE PLAYING GAMES Genopets is the first MMORPG where you can earn $KI tokens for exercising your body and mind. Transform real-life movements into $KI tokens that you can use to fight, craft valuable items and upgrade the style and performance of your Genopet. BATTLE ARENA You can compete in mini-games that are fast-paced and enter the battle arena. To become an Arena Champion, sharpen your memory, reaction time, and overall cognition. Play-for-Keeps to get items and move-sets for your defeated opponents. You can summon your Genopet free of cost and trade your sweat for $KI. There are many ways to make money in the Genoverse. Trade in crafted items, accessories and move-sets to earn on the Genoverse’s NFT marketplaces. Or, trade $KI on exchanges.

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