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Gem Guardian

Gem Guardian

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Categories: Adventure, RPG

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Web


GemGuardian Plot Ormoc, the creator of Ormocdania’s realm, gave birth 2 sons. Narca is a human-like being who inherited Ormoc’s mystical powers. Demca, a dragon-like being who inherited Ormoc’s physical power and indestructible physique. Both brothers became arch nemesis. Narca killed Demca in a brawl. Ormoc used his secret magical powers to seal Demca’s soul into gems. These gems were then dispersed throughout Ormocdania. Narca was then sent by Ormoc to go on a quest to find all the gems to reincarnate Demca. Narca spent 500 years searching the 5 continents for the gems. He was unable to find them. There, he gave birth the 5 element ancestors who lived on separate continents. They continued their unfinished journey. Play to Earn Model As a reward, all Gem guardian players who complete battles or adventure will receive Aura and Gpay token. Gpay tokens can be sold on Dex or CEX, GemGuardian marketplaces and auctions, or Dex, CEX or GemGuardian. P2P live battles in which both sides can wager on Gpay tokens. The winner takes it all. A small fee will be charged for a Loot Box with a mystery gift. Rare cards can be found where the investment is 100x. You can get interest by staking Gemg or Gpay tokens in high APR staking pool.


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