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Gaia EverWorld

Gaia EverWorld

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Categories: MMORPG, PVP

Platforms: Polygon

Devices: Web


Gaia Everworld is part the new generation gaming built on blockchain. It gives players full ownership over their characters and rewards them for playing in the “play to win” model of gaming that has taken the cryptospace by storm. BUY. SELL. TRADE. LEVEL UP Trade is the foundation of all great empires and legions, regardless of their fighting. This is true even in the Gaia Everworld. In the Everworld Marketplace, an armistice was called. Players can exchange their valuables in the Everworld Marketplace. This includes their Gaia and new born eggs. Sorcerers potions and jewels. Even their Land. Sellers have the option of setting a price or allowing buyers to bid to win the Gaia and other goods. Buyers search the market and the auction rooms until they find the item they are looking for. The buyer then contacts the seller to complete the sale. The EverWorld Marketplace allows users to search for different items and Gaia that they wish to sell or buy. You can search for and filter items based on their rarity, type, or region. You can also purchase items and facilities that will help you level up your empires. These include the nurseries, hospitals, and legions halls. The seller sets the price, but some items are more rare than others so the market will likely determine a fair price. A buyer will always consider the factors of popularity, usefulness, and rarity. SURVIVAL OF FITTEST The creatures of Gaia Everworld have the same instincts as all other creatures on this planet: survival. This instinct includes the desire to reproduce. Certain Gaia may produce more offspring than others, and all are subject to the natural clock’s ticking time. Hyper inflation is prevented by a maximum number of super fertiles being able to reproduce ten times, but some may be limited to fewer numbers depending on the economic growth.


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