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Farm Planet

Farm Planet

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Categories: Strategy

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Windows


Farm Planet is a 3D Metaverse game-to-earn with two game modes: PvE or PvP. PvE prepares your farm to play in the PvP mode, which is where you can earn P2P Play-To-Earn. Farm Planet rewards players who put in the most effort and time to the PvE mode. This is in contrast to the Pay to Win model that has an inflationary economy. Everyone begins at the same level. Farm Planet has a stable supply and players get paid from their peer-to-peer and 1v1 PvP activities. PvE The majority of gameplay is in the PvE mode. You can buy a land NFT to gain access to this game. You can trade in-game resources to upgrade buildings and characters, get special resources, and much more. You can gain an edge in the PvP mode by leveling up your characters and buildings. PvP You can earn tokens by joining a p2p program that allows you to use your farm’s level to attack other farms or defend it against attacks. The outcome of the fight is determined by the level of your characters, buildings, weapons, and vehicles, as well as a bit of RNG. It is fair as it picks the winner based upon who makes the best PvE decisions (Choosing the right buildings and character upgrades, weapons). Our mission is to create a positive experience, build a community and allow everyone to profit financially. We are avid gamers, and Farm Planet is what we imagined as Play to Earn. We know you will love it.


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