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Categories: Breeding, Card, DeFi

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Linux


EggChain is the First Evolutive DeFi that allows you to farm NFTs. EggChain will be a #BSC didactic platform game. The Project is a Pokemon-like crypto game that teaches new users everything about mining, staking, wallets, and tools, including how DeFi Tokens function and what NFT’s are. $EGGC, EggChains native token, can be used for hatching Crypto Chickens. Yes! Yes! You can simply incubate eggs to hatch different coloured chicken tokens. Then you can transform those chickens into more powerful chickens like Fire Chickens or Leaf Chickens to obtain the final form EVoChicken bitcoin. Your crypto chickens can be used to place wagers on Race/Battle/Buy NFTs. Learn, play and reap the rewards simultaneously.


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