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Dvision Network

Dvision Network

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Platforms: Polkadot

Devices: Android


Dvision Network, a VR content ecosystem based on blockchain technology, is the new Dvision Network. It has three components: 1. VR-Market: An online marketplace where NFT items can be traded. Developers have the option to sell NFT items they created. Developers can also be requested by users to create asset-specific items. 2. VR-Space is a unit component of VR City, the VR world of Dvision Network. Participant in the Dvision Network may be assigned a virtual space called VR Space on an individual basis by completing the acquisition. Only individuals and other people who have purchased it are allowed to access this space. 3. VR-city: A collection containing many VR-Spaces. It is an open virtual reality environment where all members of Dvision Network are welcome to participate.


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