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Categories: Collectible, DeFi, RPG

Platforms: Ethereum

Devices: Windows


Demole is the NFT’s first 3D RPG. The game provides an immersive gaming experience, rich in storyline and 3D animations, as well as a blockchain-based earning system. This game is a great channel for 3D games and a play-to-earn investment platform. 3D Design & Animation Demole, unlike other NFT games, features 3D graphics and vivid animations. It also has eye-catching combat effects and is unique among the NFT games. Both PC and Mobile versions available Access to a PC platform or website is required for most current NFT titles. This will cause significant problems for the game’s accessibility because investors/gamers cannot access the game frequently to check on their characters/accounts. We have made Demole available on both mobile and PC platforms to allow you to play anywhere and anytime with your smartphone. Play to Win Demole is a hugely playable game with a great mechanics system and gameplay in both PvP as well as PvE modes. It promises to be a very attractive investment for crypto investors and gamers alike. It is expected that the game will outperform other games on the market. Burning + Revenue Sharing Demole’s unique feature is the Burning Token feature. This increases the value of tokens owned by players. Demole’s revenue redistribution to gamers will be a huge benefit to investors if Burning is a success. The reward for each player increases as the number of players grows, without the need to compete to join the staking pool.

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