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Categories: MMORPG, Shooter, Survival

Platforms: Solana

Devices: Windows


Backstory After hundreds of years of climate change and the catastrophic neglect of the environment caused by corporations and other industries, Earth has been abandoned. The old cities are now hostile to life and have been decimated by political and social unrest. Civilization is in peril. Only first-class citizens of good character were allowed to enter the new world. Dissidents, criminals, and the poor are all allowed to enter the new world. Earth as we know it has been covered in jungle, swamps, sand and ice. The environment is littered with pollution and technological debris. Survivors have taken refuge in abandoned metros, skyscrapers and crumbling freeways. Only the strongest can survive in this dystopian sci-fi future. Other friendly/hostile players inhabit the world, as well as NPC’s such bio-monsters, malfunctioning robots, and mutated creatures. All are competing for resources, territory, and survival. You can choose to play as a Human Citizen, Cyborg Cop or both. Which side do you prefer?


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