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Dark Frontiers

Dark Frontiers

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Categories: RPG, Space

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Windows


GET THE TOOLS TO START YOUR QUEST “Dark Frontiers” a DAO virtual realm is managed by players. It is a goal to make blockchain gaming more accessible and to introduce a new approach to using NFTs and yield-farming. STATEGY By owning land or trading resources, you can focus on the strategic aspects. Your economic empire will grow! ACTION You can be in the middle of thrilling action. Trade, trade, fight, discover, hunt for ancient relics and invest. Discover new technologies and explore the universe. HYBRID BIOSHIP MERGING You can play with limited-edition hybrid spaceships using hybrid technology! By merging two NFTs, you can create new and more powerful spaceships. Each merge will destroy the NFTs that were previously used and create new features and forms for your ship.


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