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Crystal Havoc

Crystal Havoc

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Categories: MMO, RPG, Social

Platforms: Ethereum

Devices: Android


Crystal Havoc is an MMO that aims to create a social space in the open world for NFT enthusiasts and action-packed battlegrounds when you don’t feel like talking. Our goal is to create a place where payers feel proud of all that they have done in this crazy world. The NFT will allow players to personalize their characters with in-game skins and items, and also store their rank and progress in the NFT. Crystal Havoc has an ever-growing number of biomes and arenas that will allow you to discover new places every day. Multiracial races continue to arrive on the planet, each with their own unique abilities and traits, in an effort to take control of the lands. As the game progresses, a wealth of lore will be revealed as well as new features like land ownership and an in-game marketplace.

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