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Categories: Action, Fighting, PVP

Platforms: Polygon

Devices: Windows


CryptoTanks, a Play to Earn game, allows you to earn 100% of your NFTs in our gamified DeFi ecosystem. CryptoTanks was inspired by the 1990 Battle City game for Nintendo and Game Boy. CryptoTanks has been updated with new locations, mission, tanks, battle modes and the DEFI/NFT ecosystem. CryptoTanks lets the player explore a world of nostalgia while also experiencing the new technology of cryptoworld, DEFI and NFT. The player can now enjoy the 8-bit graphics, but also earn money by upgrading his NFT tank in battle or in the garage. NFT Tanks can be used for more than just weapons. They can also be sold at a higher cost or used by gamers to determine the future of the game. Gorgeous, nostalgic design and guaranteed prizes are all part of gamified yield farm. CryptoTanks – Play and Earn

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