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Categories: DeFi, Logic, PVP

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Web


CryptoBattles, a web-based blockchain PVP game that was launched on Binance Smart Chain, is now available for play via MetaMask App and from both the PC and mobile devices. The game’s core focuses on rewarding players with tokens in-game and winning cryptocurrency prizes after participating in PVP tournaments against other players. After the opponent has been found, you place the bet. If you win, you earn 1.8x your bet and an additional reward in tokens that can be used in Play2Earn. CryptoBattles collects the 10% fee for each bet, and stores it in a fee pool. This fee pool will be used by CBT stakers to claim future rewards and project development. You will be able get unique NFT skins that you can use in the game or trade them on an open market. Players can also win CBT tokens through tournaments.

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