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Crypto Soccer

Crypto Soccer

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Categories: eSports, PVP, Sports

Platforms: Binance

Devices: Windows


Crypto soccer is an NFT blockchain game organized by BSC that has unique and innovative features that allow its users to participate directly and without limits in the economy.
The independent model of the Crypto soccer game was designed and developed unifying the best functionality of blockchain games and adding a fun, competitive, fair and totally innovative game system for users.
Cryptographic football is based on a system of direct participation of users in each of the available options, such as: exchange of teams, stadiums, coaches and sponsors, as well as participation in leagues, tournaments and duels.
Options with an intuitive, fast and fair game system for everyone. This participation system together with the economic system of the game allows players to receive rewards.
Crypto Soccer was developed under the main characteristic that a game must have and is to give the user hours of pleasure. In addition to a new economic system that will allow each player to generate NON-LIMITED income without affecting the economy of the game based on a system of participation of each player in fully competitive duels.


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