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Crypto Royale

Crypto Royale

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Categories: Casual

Platforms: Other

Devices: Web


Crypto Royale is an online Battle Royale where players can compete for fame, glory, and a little bit of profit. Players must enter a battlefield as ‘the last man standing’. A player’s character can be represented by three moons. Collecting boxes on the battlefield can make colours interchangeable. They must be used to increase a player’s power over an opponent to win. Victory is claimed when one player is left. A wheel is spun to determine the ROY Reward they received for that battle. Battles can be strategic or fast-paced. Each player can choose their own style, which often becomes a signature or trait. No matter what strategy a player or opponent uses, there is always an external force that adds pressure to the game – a closing circle. While going outside in the dark can cause a decline in health, the outside collectables can and often do provide the weapons necessary to win. Timing and positioning are crucial components of a player’s skill.

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