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Crypto Nijigen

Crypto Nijigen

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Categories: Collectible, RPG

Platforms: Polygon

Devices: Android


What is Crypto Nijigen? Crypto Nijigen is an online game that focuses on the creation, raising and fighting for powerful heroes. There are many classes of Crypto Nijigen heroes: archers, warriors, witchers and summoners, governors as well as thiefes. Through minigames and contests, players can interact with their heroes and give them power through special in-game events, quests and contests. Crypto Nijigen uses Ethereum Blockchain to guarantee open, transparent ownership as well as a liquid, secure market. The players will have full ownership of their heroes, equipments, and can trade them securely and easily. What was the purpose of Crypto Nijigen? We believe that blockchain technology will be mainstreamed through the use of simple, beautiful, decentralized apps (DAPPS). We built Crypto Nijigen to promote blockchain technology and show its utility through a fun, engaging, and social game. Although other Ethereum games have performed well, many players are frustrated by the lackluster playability and sense that progress is occurring. Crypto Nijigen is the first game that lets players interact with their digital collectibles. Why not play to earn? A game requires players. Community members can add value to the network by simply playing the game and should be rewarded. It’s easy, yet revolutionary. As we transform the gaming industry forever, we are seeking missionaries who can align incentives.


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