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Categories: Art, RPG

Platforms: IOST

Devices: IOS


CrossLink: What does it mean? CrossLink is a game that connects virtual and real worlds! You can now enjoy a completely new gaming experience with GPS and games! ! To challenge extraterrestrial life, dispatch heroes from anywhere on Earth! You can win battles against raid bosses to earn luxury rewards! ! *Story A myriad of meteors fell across the globe in 20XX one day. The meteor is an extraterrestrial form of life called “Metios”. They seek life energy, which is the source of all life on Earth. Metios is a non-modern weapon, but it can be seen in many parts of the globe in large numbers, attacking all life and abusing energy. Nevertheless, humans also experienced something extraordinary. A meteor influenced a person with special talent who was granted superhuman powers. They reject the Metios attacks one after another. They were heroes and called Stars from that point on. It took a few more years before it finally happened. The world created an earth defense organization, and established branches in different locations. The Stars are employed by the branch to travel across the country and fight against Methios. As the leader of this organisation, Send heroes to defend the peace of the Earth, defeat Metios, and fight for peace! ! !


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