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Cosmos 11

Cosmos 11

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Categories: Card, Collectible, Sports

Platforms: WAX

Devices: Web


Who are we? We are the NFT Play to Earn Football Manager game. What is a Football Manager Game? A football team is made up of eleven players, a coach and medics. Users have complete control over their own setup and can make changes to suit their needs. How can I recruit players, coaches, medics, and tacticians? All of the above will be available for purchase in our drop or on the secondary market. Why would you choose to play Cosmos11 Cosmos11 aims to be the top play-to-earn WAX game. We believe we can achieve these goals with our current team thanks to our futuristic gameplay and different levels of staking yields depending on each player’s level and rarity. We are also building a community with like-minded people in our metaverse. Our goal is to work with the community and the ecosystem to provide the best experience possible for everyone. Incentivizing Gameplay Play-to-earn games are often misunderstood. You simply purchase an NFT card with a staking yield, and then cash it out to earn a daily income. A daily income can be a great thing, but it can also cause serious damage to the game or worse, even ruin it. Cosmos11 wants to put the misconception that free money is a myth to an end and make play to earn back what it should be. We created the model to incentivize early supporters as well as those who play.

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